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QUARTET - four-part harmony from a recollected life -

memoir by JUDITH REN-LAY

260-page softcover paperback

A dancer/performer's life over seven decades in four books, each separate from the others, to weave a harmony of voices considering life as it has been lived from differing perspectives.


I. Soprano - Life Revisited - early life from birth to 32 

II. Alto - Aesthetic Practicalities - forty years making art 

III. Tenor - Through a Wry Kaleidoscope - a collage of edited journals

IV. Bass - Accidental Grit - when, in a violent instant, a car hits you head on 


Quartet was completed during the pandemic, published in anticipation of her 80th birthday.  Judith Ren-Lay began as a dancer, born in Denver CO. After teaching in South Carolina and New Haven CT she moved to New York City in 1975, and subsequently became known as choreographer, singer, composer, poet, installation and performance artist with archives in dance and music at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Quartet includes 75 photos and illustrations, Ren-Lay's original drawings and photo collages as well as performance photographs by 17 guest photographers including Dona Ann McAdams, Mariette Pathy Allen, Frank Siciliano, Robert Grasmere and Jim R. Moore.