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“DANCES WITH LIGHT” is a portfolio of digital photographs shot while in constant motion during full moon rises over the ocean at Ocean Grove, NJ, resulting in complex, active drawings in light.  

168 photos originally shown at SB D Gallery NYC at the invitation of Seolbin Park and Chang W. Lee
February 13 - March 17, 2010


The artist explains: 

These photos are the result of an extended stay in Santa Fe, NM when I attempted to photograph the moon with a digital HPR8707 Photosmart camera.  I kept getting trails.  Upon further investigation I discovered that when shooting a source of light with no flash at night, this particular camera lens remained open many seconds to find the light.  So I then began moving during those seconds and these photos are the result.  They appear in the camera exactly as seen, no retouching.  All were taken from the beach during a full moon rise at Ocean Grove, NJ from 2007-2009.

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