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Judith Ren-Lay has been writing songs since 1980.  Her Stealth Songbook shape-shifts to serve the varying demands of her performances.  Some were written for particular performances, some in response to life.

Saint Judith
sacred harlot of heaven
ripe apple of Zeus
juicy peach of Zeena
glamour crone
radiant angel
soul navigator
truth speaker
erotic elixir
madres mia sui


- Jim Fouratt
New York cultural icon 

In 1988 she formed the band SOUP with musician/composer Mio Morales featuring Beo Morales on guitar and Mark White (afterwards with the SPIN DOCTORS) on Bass.  In that year they performed in NYC at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut & Cafe Bustelo, ABC No Rio, The Knitting Factory, culminating with a full length concert at The Performing Garage.  

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