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photo by Dona Ann McAdams

With BOOMERANG performance artist Judith Ren-Lay concentrates on new music, creating an aural world of voices, where spoken language hides inside a cacophonic, rhythmic complexity of sound.

In an environment of candlelight and sage, sitting calmly behind a rolling cart, armed with mixers, effects units, tape recorders and microphones, this eclectic performance artist tests the power of the indefinable, choosing as her arena those fragile lines of distinction between spoken word and singing, pure sound and music.

BOOMERANG was performed seven times at the Knitting Factory 1997-1999 with various incarnations: BREATH ALERT, WARP SPASM I, WARP SPASM II, CART BEFORE THE HORSE, WARP SPASM III, THE BEST LAID PLANS, THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE PIGS.

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