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*** NEWS ***

"AS THE CRONE FLIES" 2021 will be performed on Sunday September 19th at 7 PM after all!  In a shared program with Kestutis Nakas at the enduring cabaret room at Pangea NYC, where she returned to performing with "CRONE OF THORNS" November 24th, 2019. This latest endeavor, The Crone Series, was scheduled  to be  performed at Pangea on May 17th 2020, but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now deep into her 8th decade she embraces her inner crone and celebrates the young people brave and fit enough to take over the protesting front lines.  Change is in the air and essential.

Keeping a journal since 1968 she continues to write.  She read her recovery piece "CANARY IN A COAL MINE" at the 6th Street Garden NYC in September of 2018 and has completed 3 manuscripts: "ACCIDENTAL GRIT" about her experience with trauma, accident and disability from 2011-2018,  "THROUGH A WRY KALEIDOSCOPE"- a collage of edited journals revealing facets of a struggle to understand and change ways of thinking about a life - a 61 page PDF and "CATTAIL CAKE" an 86 page book of  a lifetime of poetry.



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