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Behaving oneself has become obsolete.  The world is rife with bad actors taking their grievances out on those they blame for their situation.  Manners are a thing of the past and humanity evolves toward serving individual ego instead of any sense of unanimity toward a universal whole.

So we are faced daily with bad behavior. Theft, shootings, knife attacks, beatings, threats and anti-whatever graffiti litter our discourse, our rapid transit, our neighborhoods, as assault, violence and death become a cultural language. 

There is an uptake in packages being stolen from front doors and hallways. Terrorism and war devastate entire countries. Gangsters and Coyotes steal from and traffic the vulnerable.  Wealthy business owners, feeling their economic power, enact monopolies, take-overs and scams bringing functioning institutions to a halt and pissing on the public. Religious zealots of any faith seek to impose on others their own belief systems. Lies are promulgated as though they are true fact, taking advantage of the weak. 


Systems are rigged to get you to look, illicit your outrage, enlist you in the divisive back and forth on one side or the other since the primary objective of bad behavior is to sow unrest, spread chaos and confusion, ultimately occupy minds to protect bad actors from being caught out by those who can see the grift, the pointlessness, the lies - who might apply reason and enlightenment in order to effect change. The loudest squeak of the wheel seems always to get the most attention, so we see individuals shouting  their victimhood, groups upping their crimes, an unleashing of increased negative impact, failing humanity in the process. Where are voices not engaged in blame and how can they be amplified? 

 So far I'm still just paying attention and holding on for dear life, as we dive into 2023’s Christmas meltdown.

 May you find peace in small blessings, cherish your loved ones, and celebrate what is good in our world, in spite of devilish dissension.


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