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Xmas 2021 I sent out 5 Christmas poems written over decades.

Here's the one from 1980:



some we never see again

no matter

some disappear

some are close


others purr

some have written

some called

some sought us out

after months

or years

of changing names

and jobs

and occupations

and therapies

and lovers

some were that, too

some live close

some far

they all live together

where we are.


Then there were the years I sent out watch lists. These days I watch so much it's become impossible to keep track. Perhaps I can reflect at the New Year and send out some of my all-time favorites.


This year I have already written about aging in place, how mean the world has become with the exception of certain angels, the way habits influence us, the state of our Human Resources systems, and the dratted impact of technology on those of us not born into a computer world, among other things.


But It's the emotional impact of this season (from Halloween - the anniversary of my sister's assisted suicide until my birthday January 15th) that always gets to me. Something about the imposition of 'happy families' as a mask we must wear. I remember I had a stuffed Santa doll I had brought with me to New York from South Carolina where it was made and the year I turned punk I nailed it to the wall with a spike through it's head as my Christmas decoration. I have always resisted a status quo. But these days shaking things up is so prevalent it has become mundane, so this year I'm seeking calm instead.


Good food and the occasional drink, reading, reaching out to some and remembering how blessed I have been with many generous souls helping out when needed and giving me a stronger will to live. Thank you one and all for your recent donations to my life in so many ways.


One year into the 9th decade, my nearly 81 year old self could not imagine trying to run for president in this divisive environment. What is looking more and more like a final battle for democracy requires a tough, younger soul, sorry to say. The stronger choice for Biden is to voluntarily step down and fully support the winner of a primary to decide who will take on the miscreant in the name of democratic values.  He is doing a great job and needs to leave on a high decision, a sacrifice to the greater good. With the field open Harris will have her ascendency challenged and we might just get someone new who can prevail in what is increasingly appearing to be progressive’s  last battle.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka & Kwanza, Happy New Year and blessings to  you all in this troubled world.

Sending love and appreciation for all you do to make it better.


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